Since 2014, Kevin’s been involved in collaborations with: Andrea Di Marco & Terzo Segreto di Satira for a satirical web series about the Calabrian mafia – ‘Ndrangheta. Holly Mumford’s “Smoke & Mirrors” (in the role of the bitchy theatre director, Niven McGregor). John Peter Sloan: “Zelig in English” (cabaret show), various small parts: policeman, doctor, waiter (to all of which he brought his method acting skills to the masses). The English Comedy Gang: (cabaret show at Zelig). Various sketches as different oddball characters from the corners of his mind.

Podcast – Retrosaurus with Oli & Kev

Kevin met comedian Oli Dalinski and together they created ‘Retrosaurus with Oli & Kev’, which is the show that asks the big questions about ‘What is pop culture and what is flop culture?’ This show deals with nothing more than a lot of ridiculous retro nonsense from Kevin and Oli’s childhoods: trashy films, awful pop music, dreadful cartoons, terrible fashions and cringy TV shows.


You can read more about Kevin Beetlestone Presents Comic Shorts in this interview by Andrea “Tjuren” Terziani for Yazu! Magazine. Read it here!

Music Video

Ronald McTrump caught the eye of DJ & Mixer Paolo Ortelli and ended up doing his music video “È Pronto!” (“It’s Ready!”) where he got to dance around like a complete twit!

Riproduci video