About Kevin

Kevin Beetlestone is a Comedian, English Teacher, Web Series Creator and Sketch Comedy Writer… and he’s currently working on a sitcom and a book! Phew! Where does he find the time?! Between massive bouts of procrastination, overeating and copious amounts of limoncello; it all seems to be going to plan…


Kevin’s comedy debut came about in a very special cabaret club called Zelig in Milan, Italy (all the famous Italian comedians stood on that stage at one time or another), some may even have fallen off it – but only because they were drunk… or drugged – or both! Kevin, suffice to say, is not that famous, but that doesn’t stop him crashing the odd celebrity afterparty after bribing the doorman!

Comic Shorts

Kevin has been working with video maker Luciano Gilardi on the web series “Comic Shorts” on YouTube and IGTV. The series is still growing and there will be many more insane characters to come…

Comic Shorts – New Podcast

COMIC SHORTS is now in audible form… not to mention – LAUGHABLE! This series in an anthology of old and new characters from the world of Comic Shorts. So, wherever you are, listen and enjoy!

Coming Soon...

The latest addition to Comic Shorts will be Escobar Airlines, which is a flight company verging on the brink of disaster. Randy Escobar (the fabulous flight attendant) is not the most helpful steward and tends to treat the passengers as if they were third class citizens… or fourth, or fifth…, actually – like dirt! Anyway, being aboard is a lot more thrilling than other flight companies – just remember to drink heavily throughout the duration of the flight and you’ll be fine… maybe!